Book Review Terms & Conditions

1. I prefer the review copies in Hardcover, Paperback, or in E-book format. Mail me on for the mailing address and contact number with your book details.

2. My country of residence is India. So, if you are someone outside India, pick a format of review copy that can be sent.

3. Time period taken to review the book depends on the length of the book. The review will be posted within a month of receiving the book.

4.  Book Review will be posted on Amazon, GoodReads, Twitter, and my Bookstagram page:-

5. I love to read mysteries and thrillers, feminism, romance, YA, poetries, mythological fiction, horror, and non-fiction books. There is no such limit to genres. I like to read all type of books.

6. Star rating on a scale of 1 to 5 will be given. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

7.I will only post honest reviews. It can be a negative or positive one based on my perspective.

8. The book review charges do not include the review copy. The charges will be accepted in advance. I will mail you the payment details once you agree on all the terms & conditions.

9. I am currently available for book reviews.

10. You can reach out to me on or through the contact form on the Home Page