How books can be helpful for your Mental Health?

Mental Health is one of the utmost concerns of today due to this pandemic and many other mishappenings which has disturbed the mental state of every individual. People tend to keep their emotions and feelings with themselves rather than speaking them aloud, sharing it with others, solving the root cause. But there's always one way or another to take care of your Mental Health.

According to me, Reading is one of the powerful ways to keep your mental state at peace. It helps in personal as well as mental stability.


Reading acts as an activity where your mind is in a different zone. You engage yourselves into that writer's world where you start imagining the scenes, the characters, the emotions, and the places. It separates you from the original world. This is Mindfulness where you are giving your 100% of your mental attention to a particular activity, be it for 10 minutes a day only but it helps in directing your creative and positive energy into you.

Improves Concentration

Building concentration takes a lot of time. But reading consistently can always help in improving mental well-being along with better concentration. You will start realizing it when you will be more focussed, more organized, more productive, and much happier. Your brain functions much better when you read.


An activity can give you results only when you do it by heart. Reading doesn't have to be imposed on you. Read whenever you feel like, take a break if you want to. Because its something where reading a book should be a pleasant and enjoyful time. A time where you de-stress yourselves from daily hustles, tension, and negativity. It should bring you calmness and most importantly inner peace.

Sleep Better

Read a book before sleeping enhances sleep quality. Keep aside your phones and just read a few pages before your sleep time. Read something light, easy, soothing, and positive at night. This short activity will keep your anxiety at bay and you will sleep better. Gradually, this habit will become a part of your night routine.

Mental Exercise

Reading works exactly like a meditative practice. Positive reading helps in encouraging positive thoughts, a positive mindset, and self-development. Just like your body need exercise, your brain needs it too. It makes your memory sharper, improves your vocabulary, and keep your brain healthy. This exercise gives a wonderful visual experience to provide you happiness and relaxation.

Thank you for reading this piece of my blog. I kept it short and easy. Happy World Mental Health Day! Smile, Breathe, and Read :)

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